A Man Looks Best When He Is Wearing A Traditional Outfit

Style And Ethnic Go Hand In Hand

Nehru Jacket

Fashion comes and fashion goes, but there are some classics that stay forever! It is worth mentioning that fashion is a cycle, it may be outdated today but it was the trend before, and it may not be the most glamorous thing today, but it might have been a rage before. There are also fashionable entities, which have been very consistent since day one. One of such fashion is Nehru jacket which has stayed with us since many decades now.

Named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister in India, Nehru Jacket came in fashion and note during his routines. During that time, people who wore Nehru Jacket were viewed as high school social class because it was seen as “Bandh Gale Ka Coat”.


Nehru jackets look ultra fashionable and ethnic and with Nehru jacket you do not have to think much you can match it up with simple white shirt and trouser, you can pair it with a kurtapyjama, on casual days you can even pair it with a pair of jeans. So, this festive season go for Nehru jacket as they will add fashion to your style and make you stand out of the crowd.


Kurtapyjama is one of the most comfortable wear a man can have.  You think of a Indian man, be it from the historic era or even from the modern times you always picture him wearing a kurtapyjama. A man just looks so ethnic and royal when he wears aakurtapyjama. All the modern world clothes and fashion is at one side and the kurtapyjama is on one side. Though we have forgotten it a bit and we do not use it on daily basis but still when it comes to marriages, ceremonies, festive time or any pooja you do have any second thought as what to wear, because it is not just comfortable with that it has lot of ethnic and royalness attached to it.

You get many trending fashion concept in kurtapyjama, it is not just the old simple kurtapyjama. You can spot many of our celebrities like Ranbirkapoor, Ranveer Singh, Shahrukh khan and the list goes on donningkurtapyjama and when it is a hot favourite among them, many fashion expert put their mind to it to give it a fashion twist like a slit in front or button down and sometime those side wavy kurta. So party wear kurtapyjama’s are hot and trending in the fashion world, you should also try the ethnic fashion buffet.