First Lady Of Fashion

It’s quite amusing to many of us that so many publications are talking about a new, fashionable Washington, D.C. because for as long as I can remember, finding those words in the same sentence guaranteed that one was telling a joke. This town – outside of some circles like the embassy crowd – has never been a place for fashion. But the new First Lady is definitely going to change all of that. Luckily for us, she’s a superb dresser whose closet the DCGF wouldn’t mind raiding. So let’s do so! Virtually, of course… Did you catch her onboard the train from Philadelphia this weekend? She was wearing lots of purple (one of her best colors, I believe) and I especially loved her gloves. Her black swing coat had bracelet-length sleeves, which really showed off the color of her accessories.

Try as I might, I can’t easily find purple leather gloves online at the moment, although I’m sure that Portolano has a pair available somewhere (currently anything resembling this pair is sold out…of course!). But if purple’s the thing – and it’s a great accent to black or brown during winter’s gloom – then try Nordstrom’s Long Fingerless Cashmere Gloves, at left, which are currently on sale for half off! At 16″ long they’re a great length for cropped sleeves or vintage coats with shorter sleeves and they come in a variety of other colors. The fingerless styling allows a gal to text on her SmartPhone while maintaining her style. Or layer over a thin pair of regular gloves for extra warmth. All for just $23.90. Nothing feels quite as good against the skin as cashmere on a cold, windy day. I’ll be Michelle’s are cashmere lined…

She wears colors so well, I’m happily find myself saying, “Dark pants suit what?” Remember that turquoise shift dress she wore in Richmond back in September? I thought the addition of the brooch was a great touch, but it was the vibrant hue that made the whole look stand out. Oh, and the adorable child (in purple, natch) also didn’t hurt. Ha. Apparently Banana Republic also appreciated this ensemble and the fact that it’s being worn by a tall gal, because they’ve practically recreated it with their Back-Zip Sweater Dress in Lycian Turquoise. (Lycian? Must have shown up on a Greek vase somewhere.) And the best part: it’s available in size Tall! And petite. But it’s the tall part that always gets the DCGF’s attention, as you know. This merino wool dress comes with a white belt, which I’d probably ditch ’cause it’s a little too ’80s, as are the Versace sunglasses, but the v-neck frock does have the unexpectedly intriguing detail of an exposed zipper in the back, which is very fashion forward. It’s a new-ish item, so right now it’s $98, but if you know BR, Gap, or Old Navy well, you know that all good things there go on sale. And if they don’t have your size in the store, then online is always a great option. Maybe Michelle will get one for spring!


Because Michelle is so tall, she can get away with big, bold statement pieces of jewelry. Brooches, necklaces, bracelets, chandelier earrings: nothing’s too much for her to carry off. For the average gal, putting on the same piece or two of jewelry every day is probably sufficient, especially if your workplace is on the conservative side. But every now and again you’re going to need a statement piece, no? I love the two-tiered look she has going on with the crisp white shirt, at right.

There are ways to take something similar like that into an everyday ensemble with a few tweaks. Queen Bee Design offers a scaled-down version in pale blue agate with clear crystals. This necklace has a nice weight to it without being costume-y or overpowering. I’d recommend pairing it with your favorite navy suit or dress. Keep the rest of the jewelry minimal (like Michelle’s small drop earrings) for a balanced look. Perfectly presidential! Or at least really cute for the office.

Well, as you know dear readers, tomorrow’s a big day for those of us around the District, but have no fear! I’ll be here, with your Goodwill Good Buy of the Week. It’s a great one. Enjoy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and kudos to everyone who’s participating in a day of service. Stay warm!