Buy An Engagement Ring? Everything You Need To Know

The sheer variety of the world of engagement rings can be a little intimidating. After all, the ring is in focus, both in the moment and while you and your partner announce your exciting news.

Everyone know how hard it can be to choose the right ring. That’s why it is important to get a  buying guide with tips on buying engagement rings and what to look for when buying diamond proposal rings singapore to help you make that important decision!

What kind of jewelry does your partner wear?

The type of jewelry your partner wears on a daily basis is an important factor when purchasing an engagement ring and choosing the diamond shape.  Someone who likes to match jewelry with clothing is likely to enjoy a traditional engagement ring. A classic solitaire on a white gold ring or a diamond in the shape of a princess is a good choice and enhances any outfit. You can get a little more creative with someone who only wears a small amount of jewelry, or always uses the same pair of earrings. She is probably looking forward to an impressive alternative to the classic solitaire, such as the marquis shape or a sparkling halo design .

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If she loves to wear the latest trends, a rose gold engagement ring might be the perfect choice. The delicate rose tone picks up on current fashion trends and is also becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings.

Take a good look at what your partner is currently wearing and how she reacts to jewelry trends.

How active your partner is should make a huge difference in your choice of engagement ring shape and size so do consider it.

Very active – whether she exercises a lot or works with her hands, she needs an engagement ring that doesn’t get in the way. A classic solitaire ring in a secure bezel setting can be the best choice here, as the diamond is not so easily caught here and still offers a beautiful shine.

Moderately active – if she exercises regularly, a prong setting is a good choice. A trilogy ring could also be used for an unusual look.

Less active – if your partner sits at a desk a lot or always takes off their jewelry before exercising, you can safely choose a larger engagement ring with an impressive diamond.