Gold Bridesmaid Dresses and Other 7 Designs For Your Wedding

In a wedding, every detail is essential, the place, the church, the banquet and, above all, your dress. But not only the selection of your gown demands time. Also among the attendees, the one that your bridesmaids will wear to be the stylish ladies at the wedding. With so many things that you have to focus on, it is common that you miss certain details. So Jovani has prepared a list of the trends of this 2018 for bridesmaids. Artistic creations with an exciting option to highlight: gold bridesmaid dresses.  But first, let’s take into account this set of options. After all, planning for the most important event of your life deserves a list:  The intensity of colors is the main characteristic.

The Color of the dress

Tones will depend a lot on the weather or the season in which the wedding takes place. Whether it will occur during winter or summer. In summer the rosewood or body nude predominates, especially for daytime weddings. These weddings take place under sunlight, in fields, gardens or beaches. You have a wide range for using different colors and textures this year.

In contrast, when it is winter, Mediterranean blue and wine will become a trend. They are usual favorites for weddings in the afternoon and at night in gala venues.

Fashion Prints

This year printed fabrics are dominating fashion catwalks all over the world. Now, these designs are aiming to revolutionize and redefine weddings garments. After yours, there will be no ceremony that does not have this pieces among the guests’ wear. This type of dresses reign especially in the spring and summer season.

These prints are lovely in irregular dress cuts. Also, for short dresses and gauze for beach and field weddings. While during the celebrations at night, in long dresses.

3D designs

If you want your ladies to look radiant avoiding a typical or square dress, this is the ideal look you can give them. 3D type of accessories creates a sophisticated presence with its relief throughout the body. Although it is a risky style, it is worth its originality.

We know you want your wedding to exude personality in every corner, that’s why:

You will not hesitate to dress your nuptial courtship with these beautiful applications.

Asymmetric cuts

This is another type of dress in which you will leave the comfort zone of alliances. Step outside of the ordinary box and surprise all the guests. With asymmetrical dresses, you will manage to inspire fashion for years.

This type of attire gives you plenty of styles. Why? Because you can choose a cut in the center or a little longer behind than on the front. Everything will depend on your tastes and that of your companions.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Lace

The bridesmaids must be subtle and elegant at the same time. Only that way they manage to be a good companion for the bride. Thus, betting on a model with lace is an outline of the best option. Each one of its details were designed to dazzle.

Spring fever: Floral dresses

Regardless of the color, you choose for the dress, dresses with floral designs are allies of springtime. Also, summer and outdoor weddings. Your white dress combined with the floral gowns of your bridesmaids is pure perfection. Do not think twice if you want to opt for this garment, because flowers suit any style and fashion sense.

Variety of sleeves

Sleeves were the star element in 2017 and are about to repeat in 2018. Sleeve dresses for your bridesmaids is a lovely and fresh selection. It will, without a doubt, make a difference to the rest of the guests.

There are many styles that you can achieve such as the three-quarter sleeves. To continue with the retro wave, there are many more options:

 T-shirt type, fall, butterfly, bishop type, poet, cape type, embellished, layered, draped.

The fabrics

If you choose an haute couture design for your ladies, the fabric must be of high quality to achieve a perfect look. And, putting them together will give a great effect to the dress. The fabrics that stand out this year are the crepes, lace with prints, gauze, satin, and tulle. Your bridesmaids will be grateful to carry high-quality fabrics.

Remember that before choosing among so many styles, talk to your bridesmaids. Both parties must reach an agreement. As your wedding and they wear the dress, they all have the last word. Choose the right style and design in Jovani.