Facts to Ponder While Matching a Tie with Your Suit

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An impressive suiting is based on right selection of a shirt and shoes. The accessory that really rocks the dressing is the tie. Your shirt, suit and the right combination of tie is essential for making your personality appealing for others. Instead of just contrasting or matching the color of tie with your suit, get an idea of some tie rule in order to make your dressing the best in a party. Use Max Fashion promo code for getting an access to quality ties in desired colors and stuff.

Rules Concerning Tie Selection

  1. Color Selection

Before choosing a tie, check the color of your dress shirt. Whatever is the color of shirt, it is important to pick darker shades for your tie. The tie makes the chest area prominent and grabs the attention if its color is darker than the shirt. What is the use of wearing a tie if its color becomes paler in contrast to the color of shirt?

After matching the tie with shirt, the task becomes a bit trickier as you need to match the tie with the suit itself. If your suit is in light color, do not choose the dark color. Try to use similar colors for tie and coat. For a blue suit, it is recommended to select navy color tie. For grey suit, black tie gives the perfect look. In simple, the color of tie complements the suit color. Get benefit of max fashion promo code to order the most striking tie colors on discount.

  1. Limited Patterns are the Best

Patterns are totally different to colors. If you have selected a tie having a lot of prints, checks, stripes or spots, you are going to make the suit and tie matching procedure more complicated. Keep the pattern in limit. It should not exceed the statute of two. It is possible to wear a patterned shirt or suit. Similarly, it is acceptable to pick a patterned tie and shirt; however, it is against the dress suit rule to wear tie, suit and shirt in patterned form. Three patterns in your dressing will give a horrible look. Follow subtle and tight pattern and keep your dressing sophisticated as much as possible. Always make it certain, the pattern of tie should not conflict with shirt or suit pattern.

  1. Right Width

You have selected the color or pattern of tie. The next step is comparison of suit style and tie width. As compared to the tricky game of colors, the width selection is bit uncomplicated. For a slim-fit personalized suit, choose skinny tie. On the other hand if the suit has double-breasted wide lapelled, you are suggested to choose wide tie. In simple words, the bigger tie is appropriate for bigger suits.

  1. Similarity of Material

The tie material depends on the suit material. In case, you are preparing to attend a business meeting and wearing a charcoal pinstripe suit, the silk tie is the best to complete your dressing. If you have selected a linen dress to attend a wedding ceremony (summer season), choose a knitted or cotton tie. Do not forget to refer max fashion promo code while buying ties in various materials and colors.