Plush Toys Singapore- What all you need to know

The first relationship a child develops in a family will be from their beloved plush toy for the stuffed animal. To a child, it’s not just only a toy but also a soft and adorable friend. The main reason behind the attraction of humans toward soft toys is when we cuddle something comforting and soft, our brain releases a hormone called oxytocin which is responsible for making us attached, soothed, and calm. That is the reason why children love plush toys singaporemostly during naptime. Not only children but many adults love to sleep or cuddle with plush toys.

Benefits of plush toys-

Plush Toys Singapore

  • Managing emotions: when a child starts to develop emotions, they don’t understand it, but acting with their toys can be e good, and they can easily learn how to handle their feelings.
  • Providing comfort- A plush toy can provide similarity and security to the child. This scene is scary, or they travel to a new place and may feel less vulnerable.
  • Practicing social skills- A child learns to empathize with and rehearse their behavior through interactions with their plush toys.
  • Building confidence- Children act as parents to their respective toys, which helps them in building confidence.
  • Language skills- When children start talking and learn new words, they start a conversation with the plush toys.

The Disadvantage of plush toys- 

One of the biggest disadvantages of sleeping with plush toys is that the child may develop rhinitis or other allergies. In rhinitis, the inside of a child’s nose feels sore and becomes swollen, which is caused due to allergic reaction or infection. The solution to this is a) If the toy is washable in the machine, then wash it with hot water every week and dry them for 45 minutes or more, b) if the toy is not washable in the machine, then use warm water and mild detergent and scrub the soft toy then before keeping it in a freezer, dry it in the sun then freeze for 72 hours.

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