In case you happen to work in law enforcement, search and rescue or any other profession which makes you move around a lot, these Sog Tacticle Backpacks are meant just for you.

Sog Tacticle Backpacks

These backpacks are designed to be tough and can hold up under the most adverse conditions. They will hold all your gear but isn’t bulky.

These are designed to quickly organize and compartmentalize your gears so that you do not waste precious time rummaging through one big pocket.

There are separate spaces specially meant for your papers, pens, pencils, sun glasses or goggles. There are separate compartment for water bottles.

This kind of a tactical bag is a dream come true for people on the move.

There are however some things you have to take into account while selecting the backpack.


The 5000 nylon is known for its durability, strength, resistant to abrasions and tears.

Water resistant

The polyurethane coating increases the ability of the nylon to absorb water and make it less likely for the water to enter.


The top pocket of the packs are rigid shells to protect the inside contents from the impact that occurs naturally. Thus it is safe to keep delicate and fragile items such as sunglasses, cell phone, etc.

The pockets inside the molded top can hold more fragile items such as camera. There are plenty of pockets on either side of the interior for pens, tools, etc.

It is MOLLE equipped which basically means it is modular light weight load carrying equipment. This is designed basically for rough terrain and harsh conditions. These were designed for the U.S. armed forces and are covered with webbing loop attachment points for increasing the carrying capacity.

These bags have internal frame so the entire framework is strategically hidden with the pack material. One you strap them on, it feels like it is hugging our body.

They give excellent mobility and overall balance and control to the carrier.

These backpacks are hydration compatible which means they are designed to hold water in a special water bladder, also known as the reservoir. The purpose of these reservoirs is to keep the carrier hydrated hands free. This ensures that the carrier can focus on the job in hand without stopping for water breaks. This is possible because of a tube which is attached to the bladder and runs all the way to the front strap of the bag. It is long enough to reach the mouth of the carrier.

With so much brought together in a single back pack, Sog Tactical Backpacks.

are an avid travelers delight!!