The free bearing of weapons is the solution to violence, not the problem

If you lived in a very dangerous place and had to put a sign in the entrance of your house, which of these two would you choose?: “

Surely everyone would choose the second, no one would think that a thief  or murderer would leave his gun and heed the first sign. The gay bar in Orlando had the first warning, it was “gun free“.

Weapons insured and available in a second

  • In countries like Spain something like this would not have much future, since the use of firearms is restricted to a few people, but in countries like the USA where it is much more common to have a weapon at home to exercise the right to the second amendment It is probably quite useful. For the moment we will have to wait to see if the idea is biometric safes successful in a security competition with a prize that reaches a million dollars, although it does not seem to look very bad despite the dramatic tone they spend on the promotion of the artifact.

biometric safes

  • Weapons are a danger in the hands of inadequate people (and in those of the “right” people, if we start to argue, but this is no place for it), and it will not be the first or the last time they are treated. to invent methods to prevent this from happening. Although all this search may end with the last Alternatives system, a system that would only allow us to use the weapon thanks to a biometric identifier as simple and direct as our finger and the fingerprint it contains.
  • The mechanism itself of Identi lock is a fingerprint sensor that, being in a housing that completely covers the mechanism of the trigger, is released leaving access to the weapon to any user who has been previously authorized. Perhaps the great advantage of this system is that, in addition to forgetting locks or complicated mechanisms when it comes to the truth, in just a second is able to read the fingerprint and unlock the weapon. It allows to store several tracks at the same time, besides having a system that allows us to use a key supplementing the fingerprint, in case the flies.
  • . When criminals have tried to attack in places where the population is armed, they have not succeeded. And in countries like Switzerland or Iceland, where the population is heavily armed, the homicide rate is quite low. Criminals know that their wrongdoing will probably have consequences. But what they forget to say is that although it is true that from 1993 the number of weapons in this country increases substantially, among other things because the restrictions for their size are greatly relaxed, it also happens that from that same date it is observed a significant decrease in the number of homicides caused by firearms.