Tips for Using of Shea butter on Face

The easiest way of using Shea butter on the face is to purchase the cream, which is including the Shea butter from the pharmacy, health store or from an online retailer. Shea butter can be applied to the face directly before going to sleep. Application of cream with Shea butter will be the part of skin care routine. Some are using this in the morning, but applying makeup on Shea butter cream is difficult, as it would contain the fatty acids and the oils present in Shea butter.

The facial mask can be made from Shea butter including other ingredients. You can wash your face first with the warm water or cream cleanser. Never expose your face towards the steam before you use Shea butter. This will open the pores and make the Shea butter likely to be trapped in the skin and will cause a breakout.

Besides the face, Shea butter is used by people as a lotion to various parts of the body like hands, legs etc. It has the natural healing power which will be used for all the beauty needs. This minion shea butter soap is used by many people as the natural pure vegetable product. This product is very famous among ladies and youths.

Below are the things needed to be mixed together for making the mask:

  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of Shea butter
  • 3 to 4 drops of grapeseed oil

Mix all this well and then spread it over your face. Leave the mask as it is for 10 to 20 minutes before cleansing the face gently with warm water, use soft washcloths, and get the best results.

Risks and Side Effects

Shea butter is having a very low risk. There are no cases of allergic reaction with the use of Shea butter. The people who are having an allergy of tree nuts are also applying the Shea butter on their face. Researchers believe that due to the presence of little tree nut proteins in the Shea nuts which is triggering the allergies.

But it does not mean that there are no risks in using Shea butter. The consistency of the cream in Shea Butter is comedogenic. This means that it will be able to clog the pores and especially if you are having acne on the skin. The side effects of the Shea butter can be managed by mixing other ingredients when you are using on the face. You need to wash your face very well after applying the Shea butter products.

So there is not much risk are involved when you are using this product but you have to take proper care. Proper application of ninon shea butter soap will make your skin very beautiful and shining.