Cotton: The Quality And Comfort That Never Goes Out Of Style

Summers mean so much of perspiration bothering you  the entire day.  Such hot days mean, we all need a clothing option  that can keep our sweat in control. And luckily, we have cotton, which helps to adjust with the rising mercury. For tropical countries like India, cotton is the most preferred fabric across seasons, not just for summers.

With so many benefits, it wouldn’t be an understatement to call cotton as the king of all fabrics. It is not only airy but pleasant as well. In fact, this stuff is suitable for every kind of costume. You can design a lot of distinctive garments from cotton such as designer lehengas, patialas, salwars, and suits. All attires will fill you with confidence. Without compromising on fashion, cotton feels like magic on your body.

Just tell us one thing, do you imagine only short dresses or t-shirts whenever we talk about cotton items of clothing? Here we will get you to know much more. We are including cotton dresses, skirts, pants, and kurtis that are a must have for all girls. Most girls prefer classical female clothes, meanwhile others are curious about varieties. We are here to explore other varieties and cotton is the preferred fabric to pick for experimentation.

The outfits from cotton are very lightweight, simple to carry, incredibly innovative, and fashionable. Numerous brands are available in the market for a trendsetting look. But online shopping becomes hassle-free because you can read about the material and enjoy hundreds of functional apparel.

ethnic collection of cotton dresses

Qualities of Cotton Material:

  • Style: When we buy a new dress, we want kurtis with flare and wrap around the skirt. And at, we make sure that we will give you the best cotton dress at our online store. All you must do is find your favourite attire and purchase it now. For summery days, get a flowery dress for your occasion. You can also team-up a skirt with a shiny top and a funky shrug and belt.
  • Comfort: We all remember cotton as long-lasting comfort material. Whatever situation you are going with, it can be your office day, back-to-back work, or an enjoyable day with friends; you will never hesitate with cotton.
  • Fit: The best summer look is all about the loose-fitting and sundresses. But with this, we cannot conclude that summers are all about ill-fitted dresses. Just be careful with your selection. Do not choose skin-fit or loose fit clothing.
  • Breathability: Cotton contains tiny air pores among the threads; that’s what makes it very breathable than other fabrics. These pores are the reason for thermal insulation. The fine long fibres of cotton are tightened to make the material comfortable and soft. This tightening makes it very breathable.
  • Softness: The long fibres make the material much softer. The shorter the thread, then it becomes more difficult to spin it into yarns. The longer the fibre, the easy the yarning will be. This is the reason the cotton is very much softer than the other fabrics.
  • Absorbs water quickly: Cotton is a very fast absorbent of water as it is a cellulose material. It can occupy 27 times more water than its weight because it has a lot of space between its fibres. The quick absorbent quality is the motive for wearing cotton clothes in the summer season. It becomes effortless to take care of cotton, which makes it more demanding.
  • Fast-drying: Actually, cotton dries very fast because it loses water very fast in winters. It evaporates liquid very quickly. So, you can buy cotton dresses in winter as well.

So nothing remains to wait. Open your favourite website, Bewakoof, and get the outfit that suits your preferences and taste. Fabricate a style statement with our ethnic collection of cotton dresses and look like never before. Attire them formally or casually and be a fashionista. Furthermore, online shopping with our website is always easy, fun, and convenient because you can shop anything or anytime you want.