Fashion Event Organization For Newbies

Fashion events are organized for a variety of reasons. Fashion shows, being the most commonly staged of them have been put on by professional designers and clothing brands launching their collections. Organizations trying to raise funds for some projects go this route, too. It’s not as easy as walking down that ramp, though. A lot of time, effort and resources are required to see this through. Below are the steps on how to go about it.

What’s the Theme?

A general theme is the all-important and cohesive factor of all fashion events and everything else works around it. It could be spring fashion, winter clothes, lingerie and a whole range of others depending on your purpose. The venue, decorations, background music, and lighting will have to be in line with it.


Whatever the purpose of your show, the budget will have to be considered a great deal. Where will the money come from and how much is expected will dictate how your show is going to be staged. If it is a fundraiser, go all out in soliciting from various sources. Try to ask talents and staff if they are willing to work for a lesser fee.

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Location, location, location

A venue with lots of space for the runway, lighting and sound systems, seating, and maybe an area where snacks will be served should be scouted. Don’t forget the private area where models can dress up and change clothes.

The venue should also be free most days before the event for rehearsals.

Date and Time

Pick a date and time when most of your potential audience is free. Maybe a weekend, holiday or school break. Put out invitations way ahead of time. Also, start handing out flyers and other promotional materials. Take advantage of social media to gain more leverage on the awareness regarding your show. A fashion event press release will do wonders in attracting audience attention and curiosity.

Lights and Music

Again depending on the theme, the music and lighting will have to be coordinated. A formal wear show, for example, would be nice with classical music and antique light fixtures.

Choose Your Staff, Models and Personnel

A good show runs on good people. Choose capable people who have attention to details and will leave no stone unturned for a great show.

Find the Best Suppliers

The designers who would provide the clothes are foremost if it’s a fashion show you want. Look up local establishments who are willing to offer discounts or rent out their wares to lower your costs.

Set Up the Venue and All Necessary Installations

The runway is of utmost importance as everyone’s attention will be focused on it. Make sure it is safe to prevent dreadful accidents.

Organize the seating section in a way that all have a good view.


Create a program with a sequence of events that will sustain the audience’s interest.

Practice Makes Perfect

Rehearsals give the opportunity to work out concerns way before the actual show.

Start on Time

Nothing is more frustrating than having to pay and be made to wait.

You’ve done every possible thing to make this event perfect. Better sit back and enjoy the show.