Grab 2 Latest 2020 Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer Wear at The Official Victoria Barbara Site

With Spring knocking at the door, it is obvious you are looking for some style inspirations for 2020. Major fashion runways of the globe have showcased some really functional and beautiful trends for the new year, and you will be completely spoiled for choices. You can take your pick from striped ticking blouses to elegant leather wear in colors of butter, tan, and vanilla. Denim is back this year and has been reworked into attractive trench coats for you to infuse Spring with some serious style statements with success!

Get cool 2020 Spring/Summer style ideas from the official Victoria Barbara site

Victoria Barbara is a popular fashion blogger in the USA who inspires women across the globe on how to refresh their wardrobes for 2020. She is known for her high end and street style wear. Her Official Victoria Barbara site has several tips for girls and women who want to stay on the top of the fashion brigade. When it comes to the key fashion takeaways from the runways of Milan, New York, London, and Paris, she says the following trends are in vogue for 2020-

Victoria Barbara

1. Retro styles- She says clothes with a retro twist will make a strong style statement this year. Slick blazers and flared pants are the new spring/summer combinations to flaunt this year. You can pair brown with pale blue, olive green with navy and red with purple this season. Another style statement can be a bold blouse with prints with oversized sunglasses and humble leather loafers for a cool summer look. Bags are essential, and the latest ones in vogue have long straps that can be worn completely over your body. 2020 spring/summer look is feminine and fun, covering everything in your life- from work to your weekends. Do not forget to change your accessories as well!

2. Reworked Trench Coat- If you are searching for an iconic trend for 2020, you must add the reworked trench coat to your wardrobe this year. This coat will never become old and will last you for many decades to come as well. This coat made heads turn at the major fashion runways for 2020 and is the new spring/summer wear update you cannot afford to miss. The reworked trench coat will add a refreshed look to you instantly. Choose from florals to bold prints like checks and strips. The traditional silhouette has been replaced with puffy sleeves that are oversized with pleats and belts. Everything will work this season, and you can experiment with the mid-thigh, cropped, maxi, or just about anything that catches your fancy. You can belt your coat with jeans and a nice pair of trainers to make it a perfect evening wear combination.

The Official Victoria Barbara site offers you several more 2020 style inspirations for the season. Check them out and flaunt the latest when it comes to fashion this year. The best part of 2020 fashion is there is something for everyone, and the styles showcased at the major fashion runways are both functional and beautiful at the same time!