Return of Luxury? Notes on Luxury Research and TheLuxury Market

Studies of luxury point to luxury come back? Is the luxury market recovering and the perception of “luxury” returns after the last difficult years? Although no definition of the word is generally accepted, each person has his own concept of luxury: for some it may be clean water, and for others – a first class ticket for a world cruise.

Thus, although the question of whether luxury has made a refund or is not valid, it should be assumed that when using the word is used in terms of price: the higher the cost in a particular type of product, the more he wants to do it for luxury. It is not a question of taste: caviar is considered a “luxury”, regardless of whether most people oppose the idea of ​​eating raw fish eggs or not.

Luxury never left us

In fact, thus defined, luxury never left us. Perhaps a rich investigation revealed that the richest of us tend to care about our investments in times of recession, instead of buying another Rolls or keeping our wife in correction with expensive stones. This does not mean that 명품 has disappeared, because middle-class applicants seize the real market of the rich and benefit from the discounts offered.


It was found that when sales fall, prices fall, and this is as true in a rich market as it is in the general consumer market. Even commodity prices are rising and falling depending on demand, and luxury goods and services are no different. However, how do we know this with confidence and how can luxury goods suppliers analyze their markets to allow them to plan ahead?

The answer is simple: just as they always did, only now it is more important because their market is more volatile. Different people may be involved and more of them.

The study of wealth is not new

As already mentioned, just as they have always been used: market research, welfare research is not new, but many suppliers of products for a thriving market have neglected to conduct market research in their own market. This is largely due to the fact that the rich are reluctant to participate in market research and, of course, reluctant to provide information about their procurement plans and revenues.

A rich market can help

This is very valuable information for suppliers of luxury goods and services. So why do they offer this besides jus, which is “safe and confidential”? In fact, it’s beneficial for many rich people to provide manufacturers with enough information to improve products and develop new products that they can look for. By providing such information, a rich market can help improve the quality of services provided by major suppliers.