Significance of hair types for braiding

Having a beautiful hair is a wonderful gift for every woman. Styling your hair in different types do matters you more especially when you attend occasions. Regular hair styling is quite common now a day’s. But wearing braiding style makes a good sense today. Thinking different apart from regular routine activities is also applicable to hair styling. So there are number of braiding styles available today. You will come across different feed in braids designs that are applicable to different hair types. Based on hair type only, your braiding style is preferred by the braid designer.

So let’s know about different hair types in order to feed in braids designs especially;

Hair types:

Chopped kinky hair: Currently in the presence of different braiding styles, fine cornrows hair style occupies a significant role today. This braiding style is applicable to the women those who are having chopped kinky hair type. It means the women those who are having short hair with kinky hair type is advisable to prefer this hair style. Not for the women with extra kinky hair type.

Thin straight hair: Women with straight hair type will also get cornrows braiding hair style. But it consumes more time for completing this hair styling of cornrows. It is especially happened those who have straight hair only.

Depending upon the hair type, these braiding styles takes place. Moreover one has to remember, these hair styling is extraordinary which is carried out for a couple of weeks rather than regular pony tails wear.

Let’s focus on some of the pros and cons of wearing these braiding hair styles:


  • The key advantage of wearing these hair styles are it consumes long lasting durability. It might take place somewhere from four to eight weeks approximately. Its durability is long lasting depending on the hair type you have.
  • Braiding styles are available in different options that suit your hair type.
  • These are considered popularly as protective hair style. These style gives you more relaxed compared to natural hair styling.
  • It requires very less maintenance too compared to different regular hair styles.
  • It even helps in promoting hair growth too.


  • Apart from affordable benefits, it may also arise in the problem of breaking hair.
  • Hair loss may also arise when you do not have proper braiding style that is designed to your hair.
  • Beauty of this hair styling consumes more time for some hair types. It is very expensive in making these styles to your hair. Making these styles is not recommended for relaxed hair types.


Hence from the above pros and cons, these hair styling suits best for occasional purposes. If you want to maintain hair with less time consuming, these braids are preferred. In fact, it takes less maintenance for keeping your hair falling on your face. Finally based on hair type, especially people with short hair choose these braiding styles.