Why Public and Private Sector Companies are Joining Hands and Promoting Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees?

Sarees are one thing that easily associates us with our roots and culture. The tradition of making Bhagalpuri Silk sarees is more than 200 years and has been a great source of bread and butter for the varied artisans. In the manufacturing of silk sarees, there are intricate processes involved. Generally, the Silk yarn is obtained from Arjuna and Asan trees. A lot of efforts have been taken throughout the years and bringing out the best of variations in them. The price range of this saree depends on the fact that how much detailing is involved.


Why Private and Public Sector like Air India is Promoting Bhagalpuri Sarees?

In earlier times this art received high-end attention from the royals and their respective families. Gradually the attention towards this art starts decreasing because in the markets there were other cheap qualities present. The spinning yarn creation and competing was becoming out to be the major challenge for the owners. To crown back the glory to this Industry the government sectors like Air India have made it compulsory to wear Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees and Jackets for the male crew member.  A lot of the private sector is putting in contribution to preserving this beautiful art and culture.

At present more than 10,000 families are involved in the making of these sarees. Promoting this art will even give a chance to earn bread and butter for their families.

Enchanting Facts of Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

The Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees are finest on the skin and could be considered to be one of the softest. Almost all age group females love the feel of these sarees because of its sheen and texture. The existence of Bhagalpuri silk sarees did appear from 1500 B.E right from Vedic times.


There are varieties and according to the contemporary needs of the wearer, there is a lot of infusions done in this form of sarees. If you wish the strongest fabric that will last for a longer period you can opt for fabrics like cotton and silk. They are the most eco-friendly and the backbone of the economy because there are various artisans involved in the making of Bhagalpuri Silk Saree.

How to Care for Your Favorite Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

1) As the threads of Bhagalpuri Silk sarees considered to be the most delicate ones. It is important that after the usage they should be kept in Muslin Cloth.

2) Never wash these sarees in the home it is important to do dry clean only.

3) If you are opting for these sarees remember the thing that this saree should not get stain otherwise it might result in discoloration.



Gone those days where Bhagalpuri Sarees were limited to a few motifs and designs, nowadays you could see a lot of infusions. Even the brides of today are going for Bhagalpuri Silk sarees rather than any other fabric. The beauty of Bhagalpuri Silk sarees should never go underestimated. Throughout the world, the grace of these sarees is rising and there are myriad ways that they look great on you.