Where Can You Buy Magic Mushrooms Legally?

Magic Mushrooms or Psilocybin mushrooms are the well-loved psychedelics worldwide. As it is one of the safest substance in existence right now with the low addictive potential, very low potential for the abuse, and several prospective therapeutic advantages, it is strange to think it carries same punishments as having crystal meth in the world. But, “why?” leads in such case, we will turn to productive questions like “where to try the phenomenal substance without any repercussions?”

Without any ado, we present some highly appealing & available choices to procure & consume the magic mushrooms legally at shrooms Canada. Let us check the legality of the magic mushrooms for complete information.

Magic Mushrooms Legality in Canada

Psilocybin can be classified as the Schedule III illicit substance in Canada in country’s Controlled Drugs & Substances Act, it means selling magic mushrooms can carry some criminal penalties, but possession of this substance is legal. There’s, however, the option to buy magic mushroom microdoses online or from the private dispensary that government is yet not trying to take it down in any capacity.

In order, to become the member of dispensary, the patients have to offer the confirmation of medical state for which psilocybin will be highly beneficial, like depression, PTSD, and cancer-related anxiety. Microdoses themselves can be shipped just within Canada.

Offer Convenience

Convenience is one of the top reason why many people prefer internet shopping than visiting the physical store. With some clicks of mouse, you may easily pick many products, add it in your cart, & await the delivery within some day’s time. Buying the magic shrooms & premium cannabis on internet saves you time since you will add several items to the cart & get higher quantities from comfort of your home.  Because of the medicinal properties, lots of research is conducted on the efficacy to treat different health conditions.

Spore Syringes

One option will be buying spore vial or syringe that has spores mixed with distilled water.  It is the good choice for a few species if they do not sell spore print. It’s impossible to find the spore print for the mushroom as just 5% of the mushrooms produce spores.  This being said, you can find the species accessible online in a vial or syringe.

Final Words

Like you can see in the article we have discussed about the legality of magic mushroom and why you must buy it from the online store.