7 Top Phones for Children in 2020

Find the Best Smartphone for Kids At Home

The Coupon.ae editors independently research, evaluate and suggest the valuable money saving options to users. Buyers can learn more about the review process. Coupon.ae doesn’t receive any commissions on purchases by the users. We have created a list of top 7 Smartphone models best for the kids in 2020.

  1. Honor 7X – This is equipped with special edge to edge display of 5.93 inches. It offers high resolution of 2160 x 1080. With its 4GB RAM and Kirin 659 Processor, it presents a best gaming platform for the kids. This phone has superb speed and battery life. Enjoy the 12 mp back and 5 mp front cameras with quick recharge feature.
  2. Nokia 4.2 – Are you searching a cheap Smartphone? Try a Sharaf DG Promo Code as it lets the buyers to pick Nokia 4.2 with amazing features. It comes with 32 GB space, MicroSD Card, powerful battery and HD Screen. The Quick Charge 3.0 is a superb technology catching attention of parents who need a best Smartphone for gaming.
  3. CAT S41 – Parents know that their kids may drop the phone and break it. Find the CAT S41 because it is famous for the Gorilla Glass. Manufacturer offers a 6-foot drop guarantee. It has scratch resistant HD display of 5 inches. Buying this phone lets the kids enjoy gaming for longer. This phone also offers 3 GB RAM, Bluetooth, 4G LTE and 5000 mAh battery.
  4. Apple iPhone SE–After the successful launch of iPhone 5S and 6S, Apple offered the mixture for users. This effort became popular because of ideal features and shocking results. The phone has App Limit which enables the parents to limit the utilization of any app. With strict parental control features, this phone is also affordable. Buy Apple iPhone SE right now with a Sharaf DG Promo Code 2020 for your kid.
  5. Nokia 3310 – No doubt, it is not a pure Smartphone but it has interesting features. Simple games are best for the toddlers. Kids who can’t play the modern games would love this modern phone. It has a 2 MP camera giving best fun option to kids.
  6. Unihertz Jelly Pro Phone – It is a 4G enabled phone with superb beginning features. Yes, it is ideal for the kids who are just starting playing with phones. Its bubblegum appearance makes it attractive for the kids.
  7. GizmoWatch– You will find this in the category of Smart Watches. Coupon.ae offers valuable Sharaf DG Promo Code to the parents. Buy this smart watch and gift it to kids. This would be a fun opportunity because of interesting features.


We have reviewed the top 7 modern phones with ideal features for the kids. These phones are best for gaming and you can buy at reason price by using the Sharaf DG Promo Code. Choosing the one is no longer difficult. Also focus on budget but remember the coupons and deals available at Coupon.ae. This is a suggested method to shop the top phones as a gift for kids.