Hungarian goose down pillow – A quick guide to but the best goose down pillow

Sleeping with the goose-down pillow will give you a most luxurious feel and comfort. Sounds exaggerating! You will second with me, after using it. There is a lot of down-filling bedding and mattresses in the market. How to find the best one is where the real challenge lies?

The quality can be identified by the region from which the down has been used. Most of the downs from the European countries are found to be of great quality. The weather conditions from which the downs are sourced play a vital role. The Hungarian goose down pillow is the best-known pillow if you are looking to buy a comforting pillow for your bedding needs.

Why are they the best?

  • The goose-down clusters from Hungary are larger sized. Therefore the number of down clusters to fill up a pillow will be lesser. It means the fill power of the down clusters is of very high quality, which gives maximum fluffiness to the pillow. It is best advisable to look for a higher fill power when you are buying a down-filling product.
  • The goose down pillow from Hungary is best known for its luxurious nature. There are widely used in most star Hotels.
  • The luxury is from the fill. Because the downs are sourced from the cold climatic condition of Hungary, they are thick and long. Therefore their clusters are also long, which increases the fill power.
  • The other down clusters sourced from other climatic conditions are short and thin. Therefore more clusters are required to fill up the same sized pillows, which makes them heavy.
  • The structure of the goose-down clusters is spherical, which is another important factor that the pillows are long-lasting. They don’t get flattened upon frequent use, unlike the other down fills or feathered fill pillows.
  • The air pockets inside the pillow act as the insulating property and the natural shape of the clusters makes them resilient to compression.

Hungarian goose down pillow

How ethically the downs are sourced?

  • The Hungarian goose downs are ethically sourced as the guidelines of the European Union. They are sourced in a completely humane and ethical manner.
  • So you don’t have to worry about ethnicity. They are either sourced from the natural molding place or from the meat industry where the geese are used.
  • The growing awareness about animal safety has been kept in mind while making these down products. Therefore is you are an animal lover, do not worry about when you are buying these products.


It is always advisable to read the small prints when you are buying the down products for your bedding needs, Because, some manufactures, tend to sell their product as goose down filling, while they are duck or other down filling products.

Make sure you are buying it from an authentic manufacturer, to enjoy the luxurious comfort of the soft, fluffy, and resilient Hungarian goose down pillow.