Learning More About the Rare Padparadscha Gemstone

Gemstones mean different things depending on the type of stone. One of the rarer and more interesting stones in Thailand is padparadscha. This rare variety of sapphire is, in fact, the rarest sapphire worldwide. Its worth is similar to the prices of rubies and emeralds.

Also, did you know that padparadscha is second only to diamonds in hardness? Therefore, when you find this type of gem, you have really found a valuable stone. The hardness of a stone determines how long a gem will last, l which makes padparadscha an excellent fine jewelry choice. This name translates to English from a Sinhalese word that means lotus blossom.

A Very Small Type of Sapphire

While most padparadscha gems weigh less than two carats, this does not mean that padparadscha gem verification in Thailand is difficult. Gem appraisers have the proper equipment needed to test the clarity and cut of a gem and check its real value. Retailers often like displaying padparadscha because of its lovely pinkish-orange tinge. While some retailers sell rich-colored orange sapphires and call them padparadscha, the true padparadscha gem displays a delicate combination of pink and orange that looks more uniform throughout. These quality stones are much more expensive.

Padparadscha is the only type of corundum besides the ruby that has been given a name. Typically, various types of corundum are referred to as a certain color of sapphire. Today, you will find that many of the padparadscha stones have been treated with heat. This process enhances the color of the gem, which often is cut in a cushion cut. While many experts state that the stone is only found in Sri Lanka, it can be found in other places such as Vietnam and Tanzania.

Positive Energy

The gentle stone emits a great deal of positive energy. Therefore, padparadscha, especially in friendly Thailand, represents vitality, joy, and foresight. Wearing the stone allows you to stand up to big changes and permits you to achieve the goals in life that you set out for yourself.

Wearers of the stone possess better clarity, which is needed to understand problems and deal with any changes in life. Also, it is said that wearing the stone will bring on a certain peace and calmness that allows the wearer to feel better about himself or herself.

When you can find jewelry that offers this type of assurance, you will feel empowered and make great strides in life. It is said that a calm will pass over you when you wear the stone, which will make it easier to trust yourself and your instincts. This type of feeling allows you to succeed better at what you say or do and makes it possible for you to realize your goals and dreams.

Start a Gemstone Collection

You may not be able to afford this lustrous gemstone. However, you can wear a gem that is equally as beautiful. Start a collection of gemstone jewelry by choosing birthstones that you too can verify in Thailand. Were you born in January? If so, garnet is your stone. If you were born in April, look at the selection of white topaz jewelry.

Every gemstone, including the padparadscha, has a history and certain meanings. Go online and research your favorite gem today.