Robust Watches for The Ardent Sports Lovers

For anyone who loves sports, a good watch to suit his or her lifestyle is one that can handle the rough use day in and day out. These watches must be resistant to impact and should include features that compliment an active lifestyle. The good news is that the premium brands in the world of watch making carry exclusive sports watches in their collections to perfectly fit the bill. Not only are these watches extremely robust, they also look elegant and chic.

Tissot t-Sport

Robust Watches

Price: Rs.25500

The Tissot T-Sport range of sports watches include some of the most trendy and contemporary design elements. Be it classic colors like black and white or trendy colors like turquoise, there is something for everyone with these watches. They retain the classic round dial with a steel bezel which adds to the versatility of these watches. Not only are they a great accompaniment for sports and adventures, they are the perfect accessory to spruce up any outfit, be it formal or casual.

Casio Pro Trek

Robust Watches

Price: Rs.16995

Casio is undoubtedly a pioneer when it comes to sports watches. The design and technology of these watches have been evolved constantly to create a large variety of options for customers. Of the latest additions to their sports watches range is the Casio ProTrek. These watches are solar powered, making the ideal to use when one is outdoors. The triple sensor containing a thermometer, digital compass and an altimeter makes these watches the best option for those who love adventure sports. Whether one loves to globetrot or enjoys trekking and hiking, features like sunrise and sunset data and world time of over 48 cities makes this watch a must have.

Seiko Sportura

Robust Watches

Price: Rs.31000

This series by Seiko includes some of the most attractive sports watches for men. These watches come with a 1/5 second chronograph that ensure accuracy of these watches. It features an ion plated stainless steel case which shines wonderfully to give these watches their elegant appeal. The inclusion of colors like bright red or yellow in the dial of these watches gives them the much needed sporty edge. The bezel comes with a tachymeter. The three mini-dials placed strategically in the main dial include features like a stop watch which makes this the ideal sports watch.

Casio G-Shock

Robust Watches

Price: Rs.6595

The Casio G-Shock is a range of sports watches that are perfectly designed for the outdoors. They are able to handle extreme impact with the unique construction technology and the high end material used to construct the watch. The most striking feature of this watch is the humongous dial that comes with a multi-layered casing. It features some of the perfect functions such as multiple timezone, annual calendar, a chronograph and more that make it suited for any adventure that one sets out on. The black resin strap has a long life, making this watch suitable for use with any sports that one prefers.

Movado Sports Edition

Robust Watches

Price: Rs.118575

These sports watches are all about the simplicity. The design includes some of the most subtle details that give these watches a subtle luxurious charm. The stark white dial stands out beautifully against the polished steel case and bracelet. Along the center of the bracelet is a line of stones that are perfectly embedded to make this watch look like a piece of jewelry. Adding to the appeal of the watch is the sapphire crystal glass material that is clear and scratch proof.

Balmain Lady Sport

Robust Watches

Price: Rs.24850

These classic watches for women are made from the highest quality material to give them the robust exterior that sports watches need. While being extremely durable, these watches retain a vintage appeal that makes them suitable for just about any occasion. The design of the watch, with the steel case and the linked metal strap is quite simple. However, what truly makes it unique is the mother of pearl dial that has the perfect texture to break the monochromatic color pattern of this watch. It is a quartz movement watch without any hassles of winding each day and also features a beautifully placed date window. Adding to the vintage appeal of this watch are the roman numerals on the dial.

Conclusion: When it comes to sports watches, the crux is in the functionality of the watch. They also need to be able to withstand a great deal of impact that comes with both outdoor and indoor sports. Needless to say, some of the top brands of watchmakers have incorporated great design and high end technology perfectly to create some of the most stylish sports watches. Of course, the varying price ranges and the large variety of designs ensure that there is a watch out there for just about anyone.