Socialized Commerce – Best Shopping website

How does it sound if you are told that you can actually earn while you spend? And that you can really do the spending online without leaving the cozy comfort of your abode? You are given the opportunity to earn through several CashBack offers, all the while browsing your favorite websites on your system or through your smart phone application and buying products of your choice. In this scheme of things, you don’t need to step out of your home, and you get access to a large range of items to choose from. You can also do the price comparison between products on your system and rest in the comfort of having secured the least cost. What’s more, you don’t need to wait in queue for your turn! This is what Referral Marketing is all about, which you can do securely and make money in the process! Sounds good?Here’s more about socomm which is a unique chance for you to make your time worth the while!

Here’s how it works:

As a customer, you firstly create an online account with a portal, which offers you the facility of social commerce. This means that this portal or platform provides you a connection to a product or a service that you are looking to buy, which is actually provided by a third party. Thus, a sort of network is created consisting of you the customer, the service provider and the portal, all of whom benefit through transactions you generate. You get a share of profit for being loyal to the service provider, so does the portal. It thus becomes a win-win-win situation.  So what does each one do in socomm?

  • As a customer, you create an account with the portal for your online shopping needs, and proceed to buy the products or services online, which you normally use regularly. Since you like the products, you remain loyal to those service providers, and get them through this portal only. Thus you earn your loyalty bonuses also. You refer others and get paid if they register and use the portal. In addition, you also earn points, whichcan be redeemed, for your referrals. Thus, this concept makes it a very profitable experience for you.
  • The portal facilitates your transaction by creating a network of your favorite stores on their portal and making with a tie-up with them. The portal gets its commission on your transactions, for the service they provide. The portal does not own any businesses or does not manufacture any products. They only facilitate your purchase and shopping for products or services. The incentives given are many, ranging from a gift card on sign-up, special reward points on selected products, daily rewards, free-shipping of products, bonus on pick-up of orders, and so on! And what’s more, you have choice of selecting literally anything under the sun – baby products, beauty and skin care products, clothing and apparel, dining, electronics, food and beverages, gift items, health care products, products for your home, travel gear and kits, products for your pet, sports and fitness products etc. The offers extend to all these categories, making it all the more a pleasurable shopping experience!
  • The product manufacturer has a tie up with the portal, so they are assured of business from you through the portal.