Things you didn’t know about using chairs

When we play, we can spend several hours sitting motionless, but sometimes we get a good backache because of its position and/or a chair not specifically designed for extended use. That’s why we will see together what is available on the market and how to choose a good chair to play long hours without tiring. can be a goodhelp for you to choose chairs better for you.

Ergonomics, the essential point of a good chair!

Most armchairs are not made to keep you well and we can see that seats for gamers very often have a bucket shape, as in sports cars, to maintain your back better.

Do not laugh with that, because a bad position can cause terrible back and lumbar pain. It can also cause scoliosis or kyphosis, a deformation of the spine. As a reminder, the sitting position is the most restrictive for the lower back.

Various sitting problems

Here are the different problems you may encounter:



the curvature of the back forward when slouching on your desk or when you are leaning forward in front of your PC or TV with a controller.


Excessive arching of the lower back due to an improper position due to a large cushion in the lumbar area.


 deviation of the column from one side or the other because of poor posture in front of its desktop screen. We bend more than one side than the other which results in this deviation.

Then you must look at whether the seat is adjustable at the backrest, some can go up to 180 degrees. You can adjust it in the most comfortable way possible compared to physics. It is also best to choose a folder that accompanies you in your movements by tilting with you when you lean back or want to straighten up. For better advise you can visit

Here are three types of tipping for sitting up to 5 hours:

1.The first is a simple tilting, the backrest and the seat moves together so that your body stays in support permanently.

  1. The second is a dorsal tilt, only the backrest moves, and it can be locked in a certain position and return slowly.
  1. The third is an asynchronous switch, that the backrest and the seat can be set to separate.

Remember to change position regularly by alternating the edge of the chair and the bottom of the chair, it will avoid you to develop low back pain also.

If you stay up to 8 hours sitting in front of your workstation or playing, you should choose two types of tilting:

  1. The first is a synchronous tilting seat. The backrest can tilt back while the seat tilts forward.
  2. The second is an off-center tilt. The chair tilts backward from the seat,unlike the simple tilting, even if at first sight it looks alike