Is it necessary to give a speech at wedding?

Love gives a fairy tale in the middle class of ordinary life. The wedding is a promise where two hearts gladly make a promise to be tender, to help, to give and take. The traditional wedding speech mostly goes with the father of the bride, groom, best man and other toasts. The best man’s speech always goes last just to impress the bride and to have fun. Giving a speech makes the moment wonderful and makes you remember the days spent with their families. The best wedding speech may change the scenario of the day and remember the wonderful memories. The sad part of the day is to send the bride to her husband’s house because it’s our tradition. The father of the bride gives speech remembering his joyful moments with her daughter who is going to start the new beginning of her life with a new person. The groom speaks about the bride and how he feels to have her as his bride. The impressive and funny speech of the groom makes the day feel more special for the bride. Depending on the position of the person at the marriage, the speech will be expected to cover the formalities as well as a few personal words.

Special Wedding Quotes

For many men delivering a perfect best man wedding speech is a challenging responsibility. The father of the bride probably ends up the speech by telling the groom to take care of the bride as he did till then. The girl who once held her father in arms but the day she gives him away. But the bride will remain a little girl for her father beyond her wedding day. The wedding speeches can be boring for the guests but including speeches from the bride and the maid of honor in the wedding order makes it interesting. Check out the wedding speech examples. As we all grow up we face many challenges in our life, every day may not be good but finding something good in every day makes you feel good. The day you find someone walked into life and suddenly it feels how you lived without them in the past. It feels miserable and happy at the same time for the married couple. The groom and bride smile proudly in the marriage just by hoping to start a new beginning in their life. A wedding brings happiness in the house and the whole family. And finally, marriages are made in heaven.