Your Guide to Wedding Planning with Timeline

The wedding is one of the highlights of your life. From the moment you decided to propose, your life together already started. To plan perfect Gay weddings, it is helpful to have a wedding checklist with a timeline. Keep in mind that the average engagement is between 12 to 16 months. Wedding celebrant should utilize this time to make his dream wedding a reality.

If in this case, you decided to get married after a year, here’s a guide to wedding planning with a timeline:

Twelve months before the wedding day
Deciding to tie the knot can be overwhelming that is why you have to take all the time you need to let the reality sink in. Twelve months before your wedding day, you should chill and relax. You can take things slow if you want. At this time, think about the budget, wedding style, invitation card, engagement photos, and entourage. If you want professionals by your side to make your wedding possible, start assembling your team.

Wedding celebrant

Ten months before the wedding day
Ten months before the wedding day, start to look for ceremony and reception venues. While you are at it, reserve the venues as soon as you can. You also need to book the officiant. This is the time that you establish your skin care, beauty, and fitness routine. As soon as you identified your team of professionals, start to talk to them. Mail the invitation cards as well and patiently call for confirmation. More importantly, you should start checking for groomsmen attire and your suits.

Eight months before the wedding day
It is important that you know who can come to the wedding so you can find hotels with different price points for your out-of-town guests. This is one of the most exciting times because you can start creating your gift registry.

Six months before the wedding day
This is the time that you explore makeup and hairstyles. You should also reserve the rentals like chairs, lighting, décor, and linens. Do not forget to choose the style of your cake and schedule other food tastings. Hiring musicians should also be considered. As with the wedding bands, purchase it six months before the wedding.

Four months before the wedding
Four months before the wedding, you should decide on the suites so schedule for fittings. Finally, order the wedding cake and book the room for your wedding night. This is the time to think of the honeymoon and book for hotels and flights. Do not forget to choose the flowers. Remember to book the venue for the rehearsal dinner.

Two months before the wedding
You are getting close so during this time it is just a matter of finalizing everything and reviewing things. Do not forget to secure the wedding license. Meet your team of professionals to discuss things that need to be covered and know the progress.

One month before the wedding
One month before the wedding, as the celebrant, there is nothing left to do but look forward to the day with excitement and fervor.  To be sure, call the vendors and the venue to confirm the details.